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HEBI Foundation is continuously improving the HEBI incubator. In order to do so we rely on our user’s experiences. Therefor we are always interested in learning from you. Please do not hesitate to send us your feedback (photos and text) by e-mail ( Thank you.

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Arising of the foundation

The work of gynecologist Dr. Oscar van Hemel concerning the realization of third world incubators has proven its use for many years. Almost 1200 of his cheap and sustainable incubators are in use in developing countries, where they provide a reliable solution in caring for premature babies. It is remarkable that lives of premature babies can be saved with such simple means. Especially in areas where the supply level is much lower then that of Western countries.

Dr. Van Hemel has past away in 2010. In the summer of 2006 he comes to an age where his incubator activities have become to much of a load for him. In order to secure future continuation of the projects, Kiwanis Club Rotterdam was contacted. The project was received with great enthusiasm; Members of Kiwanis Club Rotterdam foresaw a situation to which they could contribute in order to continue the good work of Dr. Van Hemel.

In order to do so, Kiwanis Club Rotterdam members set up the HEBI Foundation. HEBI stands for Van Hemel Baby Incubator. The foundation has taken over all the activities of Dr. Van Hemel and extended them. The foundation is responsible for all fund raising activities and sponsoring, product development, production, storage, shipment of the incubators and all of the administrative formalities and financial responsibilities.

In the four years existence of the foundation, over 300 incubators have been produced. Almost 200 of which where sent to customers in Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Cameroon, Ghana, Philippines, Cambodia, etc. All incubators are sold against cost price to assures a low price of only € 325,--

Financial means, acquired through sponsoring, are used to buy the materials of which the incubator is made and to pay for the costs of transportation. The production of the incubators is done by volunteers among which are couple of members of Kiwanis Rotterdam.

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Sinds 1 januari 2017 heeft de HEBI Foundation de ANBI status. Dit is van belang voor onze sponsors. Zij kunnen nu een donatie aan de HEBI Foundation aftrekken van de inkomstenbelasting.
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