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Assembly Instructions

Assembly instructions by film.

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Introduction video

How to use an

HEBI baby incubator

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Delivery and costs

The basic model incubator is delivered as a construction kit, packed in a wooden box the size of a suitcase. It weighs about 30 kg. A pictorial step-by-step instruction shows how to assemble it. Assembly by an untrained person will take about an hour. The only items not included in the kit are the light bulbs and their fittings and varnish to finish the wood.

Normally we have a number of incubator kits in stock, at Amsterdam airport. They will be shipped by plane to an airport of your choice as soon as the invoice is paid. The invoice will show the cost of the incubators ( 325,- per kit) plus the transportation costs (relief rates, depending on the destination). Invoicing, payment and transportation/delivery will typically take one to two weeks. You will have to arrange for transportation from local airport to hospital.

The light-treatment unit can also be shipped from stock. It costs 60,-. 

All prices are in Euro (€) and are without transport costs. The transport costs depends on the destination location.

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(HEBI armholes sleeves)

Price: € 2,00

Details / buy

(HEBI heating unit)

Price: € 40,00

Details / buy

(HEBI incubator)

Price: € 325,00

Details / buy

(HEBI light therapy unit)

Price: € 60,00

Details / buy

(HEBI new thermostat)

Price: € 35,00

Details / buy

(HEBI thermometer)

Price: € 2,00

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(HEBI thermostat)

Price: € 0,00

This type of thermostat is not available anymore.

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(HEBI water barge with grating)

Price: € 25,00

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Price: € 20,00

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Sinds 1 januari 2017 heeft de HEBI Foundation de ANBI status. Dit is van belang voor onze sponsors. Zij kunnen nu een donatie aan de HEBI Foundation aftrekken van de inkomstenbelasting.
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