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HEBI baby incubator

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Light therapy unit

It is known that the jaundice of some newly born babies disappears by sunlight, especially the UV part of that light. To practise it in a hospital situation, special UV lamps were produced by the industry. Because the jaundice also disappears by ordinary light, we suggest the use of an ordinary TL lamp. We developed a wooden light therapy box with at least two TL lamps that fits on the incubator and can be used on an ordinary baby cot as well. Typically, light therapy reduces jaundice in 3-4 days. With some simple precautions this light therapy will be safe, even in rural circumstances.

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Sinds 1 januari 2017 heeft de HEBI Foundation de ANBI status. Dit is van belang voor onze sponsors. Zij kunnen nu een donatie aan de HEBI Foundation aftrekken van de inkomstenbelasting.
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